Step One - Initial Meeting

The first step in any project is to set up a free one hour initial meeting with Arizona Architects and Associates LLC to go over your project.

Most people bring lots of information to this meeting. There is a good chance that you already have a good idea of the type of building you want, so it's important to convey that. Many firms want to design your project on their own, but Arizona Architects and Associates LLC likes to work closely with you to create YOUR VISION. If you have no idea what you want, that's okay too!

It's a good idea to bring some basic materials to this meeting, including:

-photographs of your site
-pictures of projects similar to what you want
-magazine clippings of features you like
-sketches or drawings you've already done
-list of questions
-address and owner information of site
-assesor's parcel number
-the legal description of the site

Step Two - Permit Planting

Before going far in any project, Arizona Architects and Associates LLC will research what city code and county code will allow you to build on your site. Often times, individuals spend lots of time and money on designs and blueprints, only to hear when they go to drop them off for permits, "I'm sorry, but that's not allowed on your property."  We research the zoning and permitting issues at the beginning of any project, so that we can address these issues before they arise.

Counties and cities are very strict about what is and isn't allowed to be built. Arizona Architects and Associates, LLC (originally known as the Professional Technology Group in California) has over 21 years experience dealing with county and city regulations in the Southern California area including The South Bay, Orange County, and the Los Angeles areas, also included is the Inland Empire, and Coos bay, Oregon to name a few. The key to any successful project is to stop a potential problem before it ever starts, by knowing local codes and laws.

Arizona Architects and Associates, LLC specializes in getting those permits that are very difficult to obtain. We have had several clients that came to us after working with other firms without successfully resolving their permit issues. As soon as we had taken over the project, we were able to quickly solve their permitting problems.


Step Three - Site Survey

A thorough site investigation is essential to any successful project. Arizona Architects and Associates, LLC will create site plans that take into consideration important factors such as parking, accessibility, natural environment, vistas, building orientation and much more.

Building Placement is a very important part of the design process. Local laws may require specific placement and infrastructure for any type of project. For a church, you need a minimum amount of parking based on the size of your auditorium space. For a house, the building has to be set back a certain distance from neighboring properties.

Site planning is also very important for sustainable design (green design.) The way a building is oriented can affect what windows get light in the morning, how the sun heats up the building, how trees cool down and building, and much more. Rotating a building a few degrees could save you hundreds in heating and cooling bills. Good design takes all of these factors, and many more into consideration.


Step Four - Design Process

For the Architects this is the fun part! In this stage, Arizona Architects and Associates, LLC will work closely with you to create a design that works for you. This is where you will really begin to see your project take a life of its own.

The design process is where we take all of the information we've gathered and worked on and we start designing the project. Design starts with the first meeting, and is important throughout the whole process, but this is the stage where design takes the front seat and we make your project come to life.

You may or may not have an idea of what you want your design to be. Many people have a clear vision of what they want in their head, and they simply need Arizona Architects and Associates LLC to make it a reality. Other people have ideas and pictures of things they like, but need help with the design. Still others have no idea what they want, and want Arizona Architects and Associates LLC to make their ideas take shape.

We think it is very important to keep you in the design loop. This is your project, and it should be the way you want it. Many firms think they know what a house should look like, and simply try to sell you that house. We think that there is a perfect (custom designed) building suited to you, and we want to work with you to discover and achieve it.

Efficiency in drawing is also very important in this stage. By design, we don't mean sketches on napkins (though we've done many of those.) When in the design phase, most all of our drawings are done in advanced computer software, which gives a realistic sense of the project, but also makes it much faster to create construction documents. By the time we've finalized the design, we should have a large portion of the construction documents finished.


Step Five - Construction Documents

The most technical (but still fun) part of a project. In this stage, Arizona Architects and Associates LLC and partner companies (such as engineering and grading firms) will create a complete set of advanced construction documents for your project.

This is the stage where it is most important to have a qualified designer or architect. Construction documents are the final set of "blue print’s” which will be used for submittal and to get your permits, get bids on construction, and build the project. Arizona Architects and Associates LLC has over 21 years experience in creating amazing construction documents. Generally, about 50%-75% of the time spent on a project is spent in this stage.

Often times partner companies are used in this stage for supplemental drawings. Some of these drawings may require a structural engineer, energy engineer for energy efficiency (required by code), soils engineer or other specialist. Arizona Architects and Associates LLC does most of its own engineering drawings, but many projects required the licensed stamp of a structural engineer, such as multiple story buildings and most commercial buildings. Where possible, Arizona Architects and Associates LLC will do all of the drawings, which can save thousands of dollars.

We pride ourselves on creating construction documents that stand out. Our drawings are done in a neat and accurate manner, which helps to obtain final permits and prevent construction mistakes. We also put great thought into all of our details and planning to create a building that gives you more for your money. With the right construction details you can save money on construction but add to the value and functionality of your building.


Step Six - Final Permits

When construction plans are complete, they will be submitted to the city or county to get your final building permits. Most often, projects require several submittals before they are approved. Arizona Architects and Associates LLC often get projects approved with the first or second submittal, due to our attention to detail.

During submittal, you will have to pay building fees, school fees, and possibly other various fees to the local government. The amount of the fees, and specific fees required vary from city to city. Don't forget fees when working on your budget! For a new, 2,000sq ft, single family home, fees can run as high as $20,000-$40,000!

Once you've paid all the local building fees and the permits are issued, (this is usually a "yellow card"), it is at this point you can begin the actual construction of your project. During the building process, there will be several inspections of the construction site, in which an inspector signs off on your "yellow card" at each stage of construction inspection. After construction is complete, you will receive your final "green card" and the certificate of occupancy.


Step Seven - Construction

It's finally time to build! Arizona Architects and Associates LLC can help oversee construction or provide your construction firm with all the documents and drawings needed for construction.

It's finally time for all of that hard work to pay off!

It's finally time to build! Arizona Architects and Associates LLC can help oversee construction or provide your construction firm with all the documents and drawings needed for construction.

During the beginning of each construction phase, it's common to have the building designer on site to provide construction observation; this is to make sure everything is being built according to the plans and specifications. Often contractors will try to cut corners, or they simply miss some of the details. With regular observations, we can make sure a building it being built to your standards and design, and we can also make adjustments and changes as needed on site.